The food safety assessment methodology guide (the guide) is a resource designed to assist council officers with the evaluation of  risk of the food handled within a food premises.

The guide intends to provide an holistic approach to food safety.

The guide provides information on:

                       international foods via the food atlas

                       food poisoning illnesses

                       food recalls (microbiological)

                       extrinsic (time and temperature) and intrinsic factors (pH and water activity (aw) only) associated with the food

                       information on the main food pathogens

                       food allergens.

The purpose of the guide is to provide council officers with an understanding of how and why foods are affected by pathogenic bacteria. The guide provides information relating to the food, pathogenic bacteria and how pH and aw, and the risk the food may pose to public health if correct food handling practices are not implemented.

The intrinsic values of the food are based on literature reviews. The information provided is a guide only and pH and aw values may alter depending on manufacturing procedures, possible presence of preservatives and other growth inhibitors in the products, country of origin, time of year of harvest and other variables including testing procedures will impact on pH and aw

How to use the guide.

Once you have logged on the guide provides a number of options where searches can be undertaken on a particular food, food group pathogens or how intrinsic and extrinsic factors impact on pathogens and food.

The food atlas provides information on particular foods including a risk rating. The guide provides generic information relating to food groups, such as eggs and egg products. The pH and aw values provided are indicators only and other factors need to be considered before determining if a food is potentially hazardous or not. 

Information about food poisoning outbreaks was not available at the time of the publication of the guide. The guide will be updated when the information is provided.


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